don't miss the process

I can't really put my finger on it, but something is changing. Like, do you ever get that feeling God is up to something but you don't quite know what it is just yet? It is that expectant hope and peace that just fills you, even while you don't have the vocabulary to explain yet just what it is that He is doing or speaking.

That is happening to me right now. I know when the Holy Spirit is moving because I always feel very emotional for some reason. Like tears are on the verge of coming out at any given moment, but I am not sad. I know it is the Holy Spirit, because my history with Him shows me that. But I also know that He loves to meet me where I feel raw...where I am open and vulnerable.

It is in those places where He loves to press in and stir things up. I actually love it.  And even though I'll admit..I wish I knew more of a plan sometimes...I'll take the Spirit-filling-emotional moments too.

It makes me wonder often do we recognize (in your own way, maybe it is emotions like me, or maybe its a still soft voice, or even a word from someone else)...that He IS on the move in our lives through the "quieter ways" that are harder to stop and realize?

I wonder if too often we look for tangible, expected proof of God moving. I wonder if our ability to trust and walk in faith is too often swayed by what we can see and touch and find evidence of. Basically, the exact opposite of faith. Does this make sense?

I just think it is something good to ponder, to ask of ourselves. I have been encouraging a friend with this counsel, as well as reminding myself: if you feel that the Spirit is moving in you, pause. Just stop and let Him do it. Relinquish the need to have it all literally spread out in front of you, and remember that sometimes God works in process versus immediate. But I have found that the kindness of His nature oftentimes gives us clues and loves on us during the "preparation phase" of whatever new is coming.

And it really is so sweet, y'all. To be on the verge of tears, yet super peaceful and joyful is an incredible feeling, one that I know can only come from the Holy Spirit touching me where He knows I am touched most deeply (my emotions). 

So all that to say...don't put aside that small prompting, voice, or feeling while God is working in you. Don't just wait to experience Him until that new thing actually comes. I believe the WHOLE process is part of the plan. 

Be expectant of the new things. But also be expectant of Him loving on you AS they come.

(this is just a first part in many thoughts on not missing the process..I look forward to sharing more!)

Love to you all.