Scheduling my life and days to be more efficient and productive.
Learning to be a homeschooling mom.
Starting a few businesses with my hubby.
Making time to get in the prayer room and just hear from the Lord.
Dealing with some tough family dynamics.
Revisiting some grief about losses in our life.
Making community and fellowship a higher priority.
Putting time and effort into blogging and writing.
Being more diligent about finances and budgeting.
Implementing some new discipline and parenting tactics.
Taking better care of my house.
Trying to take care of myself better.
Making time to serve and love my husband better.

...just some of the things I feel like the Lord has asked me to focus on lately.
Enter hashtag All. The. Things. (also enter, deep breaths).

It can feel overwhelming, like there is so much to be good at or TRY and do well.
But its because I know HE has asked me to focus on this list that I know there will be the grace to do it all.

Here is the thing though:

If I look at this list with a "performance" mindset...meaning:
If I cant do it all, or be good at it all, I am a failure...
it WILL be overwhelming.

But something He has been speaking to me lately is about CAPACITY.

The definition of Capacity is this: "the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something".

If I can realize that my capacity is not really MINE...then I can do it all.

Don''t hear me saying I am superwoman or something. Because I am NOT.
(I am currently sitting here unshowered, one kid in time-out, another climbing all over me, cereal on my floor, and I haven't spent time in the prayer closet this morning.)

But do hear this:

If I realize that my ABILITY, or CAPACITY to do all that He has put in front of me to do is ALWAYS paired with HIS's a win.

Because just think about HIS capacity. He is the ULTIMATE at doing, experiencing, and understanding things, because He is the one who holds it all together.

So if I can remember to tap into Him and rely on HIS Power in me instead of my own...then I can accomplish what all He needs me to.

Funny fact: my AOL IM name was ShopPhil413 (that was my name with my maiden name, and Philippians 4:13.) Also, if you don't remember AOL IM, then I am clearly older than you. :) lol

Point is, I've always loved that verse, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

But now? now that I am not just in highschool and have a fun verse to think on...I actually NEED that verse. I need those words that remind me it is NOT my strength but HIS that can help me to ALL. THE. THINGS. All these very important things.

I need it, I need His capacity instead of my own.

How about you?

Is there something or lots of things that you need to be relying on HIS ability for instead of your own?

I think we can so easily get caught up in trying to do it all and we forget we have a Helper.

I would encourage you to tap into Him and His NEVER-ENDING capacity and strength today. He wants to give it to us!