"From Their Perspective"

I am honored to be a contributing blogger over at Thrive Moms a few times a month!
That community is INCREDIBLE. If you don't follow them yet, go do it. Their website and blog is full of amazing encouragement to mothers.
Also their Instagram @thrive_moms is something I look to daily for encouragement in this adventure of motherhood!

This week, I wrote a post about seeing things from our little ones perspectives...

picture by Thrive Moms

picture by Thrive Moms

"It’s actually something that has been on my heart lately…to try and see things from their perspective more. The other day I literally knelt down to my daughter’s level in our kitchen, to see how she sees it. And wow, it seemed so different from her little height! She can barely see over our kitchen island, and it honestly floored me to see what she sees. Her lunch plate was right at her eyeball-level, and her cup of water looked really tall. Her climb up the bar stool seemed like a big feat, and her place mat looked huge.

It made me stop and think how their whole life is really seen from a different perspective than mine. And while that is so cute and makes me love their “little-ness” even more, it also tells my heart that this is something important to remember: what seems small to us as mothers, may seem huge to them as our children."

......you can read the rest of the post here.