some ranch beauty

Last weekend, we got to go spend the evening with our dear friends and spiritual parents, Joe and Kim. They were out at a mutual friend's ranch in Texas, so we met them there and enjoyed the beauty of the scene as well as the beauty of just being together.

Joe (Jonathan) is one of baby Isaac's namesakes (Isaac Jonathan), and this was the first time they had met. It was pretty special.

Joe and Kim have poured into our lives selflessly over the last 15 years. We actually even met at their house! Joe married us years ago, and they have continued to be rocks in our life who offer wise counsel, guidance and just a source of joy and life for us!

So so thankful for you, Joe and Kim!! You are incredible spiritual parents, mentors, and friends!! So thankful that now our next generation gets to know you too!!

- - - - - - - - - -