Hi!! Welcome to my mommy's (newly redone) blog!!

We hope that you will look around and make yourself at home here! She loves meeting new friends through blogging, and we love when she posts pictures of us too. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!


Abigail, Bethany, and Isaac

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But really, thanks for coming by here y'all.

As you may know if you have followed me before, I used to blog over at Our Hope Reclaimed, but as the season is changing for us, I felt the Lord lead me to redo things in this area of my life too! I am SO pumped for this new place to share my heart. Check it all out and let's connect!

This space is so important to me. I have a lot of dreams and visions of what the Lord is asking for it, and how to bless yall too! Stay tuned. I look forward to doing life more here!!