having a Spirit-led day

I want this day to be led by the Holy Spirit. Every day, for that matter.
.How many days do I let go by that are not led by Him?

I had a revelation this morning that if He is the one who wisdom comes from, if He is the one that is all-knowing, if He is the one who can see the bigger picture of my life and my days, then WHY am I not fully handing over the reigns to Him each and every moment??!!

I am a feeler. Some (ahem, my hubby- :) ) might even call me dramatic.
So I can very easily get caught up in the feelings I am feeling instead of asking Him to just lead me. It really is better when He does it. Emotions and feelings don't always produce great fruit.

But the Spirit does. Always.

He has power that is available to me at every moment, every single day. I don't use it like I should.
But I know He is showing me how much more fruit I could have in my life if I did let the one who should lead do the leading!

Parenting, Wifeing, Homemaking, Business-running, Budgeting, Time Management.

I cannot even imagine how much more in-order each of those areas would be, if I was Spirit-led in every decision about each topic.

I can see how the overwhelming tantrums, or the financial burdens, or the time-wasted can shift if it is not up to me. If I know I need wisdom in an area (all of those areas listed. plus more!), then WHY would I not ask the One who created Wisdom, the One from whom Wisdom is given, to help me? To lead and guide my decisions and my days?

Just some thoughts I wanted to get out as I process this important thing in my head.

Do you struggle with letting each area (even if it seems small) be led by the Holy Spirit, instead of my your feelings?

I just know there is some breakthrough about to happen for myself, and maybe others too.

God is a God of ORDER and PEACE and WISDOM. Let's let Him lead us.