what's up? (I'm getting older)

What's up, y'all?
Wait, do people still say what's up?  Pretty sure I used to say it a lot when I was younger. lol.
Speaking of younger, I just realized I am about to be 33. THIRTY THREE.

that actually made me say WTH outloud to myself the other day. Where has life gone? It's been a beautifully crazy journey, especially since marriage and kids, but gosh, can't time just stand still a bit?! It's not just that i feel like my babies are growing up (see evidence of the first lost tooth below.) But also, I just feel different.

And yes, I AM also referring to the fact that I feel like an 80 year old pregnant woman when I try to get up off the floor these days. (I think I need some yoga in my life). Seriously though, what happened to my body? I used to do jump-splits on concrete for drill team, people.
I think I am starting to accept I just may not be the way I used to be, and that's becoming ok with me. I think. ha!
Though I do wish I could still do a few things that I sued to be able to do.

(Let's just say I was sore for three days after I tried to demonstrate some high kicks to my girls. They discovered my old drill team boots in the attic, and when I saw them, something just came over me.)

Also, I feel older in other ways too. Good ways. I feel like my mind is becoming mature and able to think more clearly for myself as I feel myself coming into more of who I really am made to be. I still hopefully have many years and journeys ahead, but it's neat to really feel like I see ME coming out, coming to fruition more than ever. Not sure if that makes sense, but maybe you understand.

Mothering is a constant learning experience. So is wifeing and homemaking. And now I am throwing business in the mix (working a few hours at night on some online businesses...can't wait to share those soon!). Oh, and homeschooling. It's a lot. But it just all feels right.

I still need TONS of guidance from God about priorities and balance, and He's helping me.
But I feel like I am getting good at things I didn't used to be good at. Even at saying "no". (that's a huge one, am I right?).

I like this new feeling of "coming into my own", even at almost 33 years old.
I think it's just good in general to feel like you see the Lord putting you where you know you are "supposed" to be.

So, even though my hip joints most def got the memo that I've had three babies, and my eyes look more tired than they once did (because let's be honest, mommies don't sleep much)...becoming older is a good thing.

Especially when I feel like He is holding my hand through it. I can easily forget that I have a friend in the Holy Spirit who walks this thing with me and speaks life and direction and love over me whenever I need it. THANK GOODNESS. Because I can't do it on my own, that's for sure.

Well, thanks for listening to my random thoughts today. :)
Be encouraged that whatever season you may be in right now is right where you need to be and that He is with you.
Also be reminded that getting older just means more opportunity to see Him at work in your life. What a privilege.

Hope y'all are doing well and enjoying the start of beautiful Fall wherever you may be!

- - - - - - - - - -

some randoms for today: :)
wedding photo booths with the hubby (above) - NYC with my best girlfriends - me and my little boyfriend - first tooth lost! - October 15th, Infant and Miscarriage Remembrance Day - tiny Aggie - Fall candles - the girls

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Have a great week, friends.