Baby #4 on the way!

Yep, Baby Lowe #4 is on the way!

We are so excited to grow our family again...God is so so good!!
We are overwhelmed at how rich we feel by the family He has given us.

Just a few details to share with y'all...

-I am due July 25th...which is so exciting and also a little foreign, considering our other babies were all born within 2 weeks of each other at Christmastime! It will definitely be different being huge and pregnant in mid summer Oklahoma heat!

-I am almost 11 weeks now.

-We had a great ultrasound on Dec 23rd, and heard our sweet baby's heartbeat and saw it's little body forming. Was such a blessing to see and hear!

-Yes, this was a surprise (I know some of y'all are wondering that!). Especially considering Isaac is not even 1 yet, ha! (we got pregnant when he was still just 9 months old, and I was still nursing). We had dreamed and talked about having a fourth, but it was still not a "decided thing" for us. None of our children have been "our plan"...but for us, it has made it such a sweet gift from the Lord with each pregnancy. We believe HE is our provider in every single thing...including children. And for us to never have planned on it, we can see HIS physical hand in the planning of our family. We are so thankful for that!

-As with all of our pregnancies, I never had any real symptoms to prompt me to take a test. I really just had a feeling in my heart to take a test. I was pretty emotional when it showed two lines, because it was such a shock...Thankfully, Parker walked in the door from work just a few minutes later, got down on the floor with me (I had immediately turned worship music on really loud and just melted into a puddle) as I told him through tears, and just loved on me, reminding me again how special it was that this was clearly God's plan. Then it started setting in, and we just started giggling and worshiping and dreaming of the big family that we have imagined before, and now see happening! God is so good.

-This pregnancy has been the most peaceful one I have had so far, as far as fear goes. Having our 3 in Heaven, I have been tempted to be scared of miscarrying a few times, like when I was still super early and not nauseous at all. But I can honestly say that God has protected my heart this time. I have even found myself almost "searching" for fear of another loss, but He has held my mind in peace. It's amazing, really. I have felt His nearness more than any other time.

-I feel pretty great right now, other than being a little more tired than usual. I was super sick with nausea starting around 7 weeks, but thankfully am now taking a magic medication every night that has been like life-changing. Thank you Jesus for anti-nausea drugs!

-We got to tell our girls on Christmas morning, with a card (and picture from the sonogram) that Abigail opened and read out loud. She was giggling the whole time as she processed each word and figured it all out. Seriously the most precious Christmas gift to watch them open! The girls are SO excited and talk about the new baby every day. Apparently Abigail wants another brother and Bethany wants a sister. :)

We are overwhelmed at this new blessing growing in my belly and in our family...Rejoicing that God is trusting us with these sweet souls. I am honored to carry another one of His children.

Thank you for all the congratulations and prayers!